(National President)
(ACCP Serving To Nation And A Society Objectives)

ACCP is a Registered Under section 8 Company Act Ministry Of Corporate Affairs & NITI AAYOG (Govt Of India), which is working for awareness of eradicating corruption across India and awareness of Our fundamental Rights and Cyber Crime. Awareness camps are imposed by the Foundation in schools and colleges. Working for Corruption Free India is being done. ACCP is honored by the people working in the society Proceeding from the Government of India’s project resolution- New India, the Quit-India, Quit-Campaign is spreading across India. You can also work with the Anti Corruption Foundation to eradicate corruption. Anti Corruption Foundation is an Organization to help the people’s those who become the victims of corruption.


Our Vision & Mission

ACCP working against all type of Corruption to make our Society Care free and safe. We take urgent step for all type of corruption. To help Local, National and even International Law enforcements officials in their constant effort to curtail the activities of crime syndicate, rockets, organized gangs, smugglers and law breaking in general. We Provide Corruption Information to honorable president, prime minister, Home minister, chief minister, chief Justice, Lok Sabha President, Supreme Court, High Court, Income Tax Department, Vigilance Department, Crime Branch C.B.I. , I.B, C.I.D, Print Media, Electronic Media, Senior Journalist, Police and its administration

ACCP is founded by team of top and experienced panel advocate Supreme Court of India and High Courts of India and its national chairman SOCIAL WORKER Registered in the year 2015 under the Registration section 8 NON-PROFIT COMPANY ACT MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRES(GOVT OF INDIA), is working with dedication for the Protection of Human Rights Protection and Promotion


A Step Forward To Stop Corruption

Our team has worked with a variety of notable clients ranging from household names like Google, Foursquare and Versace.